Thursday, February 12, 2009

UnderwOrld: rise of the Lycans

A little while ago me and my partner watched a movie intitled "underworld: Rise of the Lycans" now I will share to you the story.

The films tell the story about the werewolf and the vampire. Lucian the first werewolf can able to take into human and it is called "lycans" and here's Viktor the ruthless king of the vampires took Lucian in his home after killing the mother of Lucian. Then Viktor made the werewolfs slaves for his vampires clan. As Lucian grow up at Viktor's home, his daughter Sonja, developes an attraction with Lucian and he feel the same with sonja.

It is revealed that Viktor has a tacit relationship with human population in the area who agreed to protect them from the werewolf by exchanging their tithe. Then Sonja goes out to guard them. Lucian hear a lycans near to sonja. Sonja steals a sword the werewolf comes up and the battle begone. Lucian take off his collar and changes into a lycan to protect himself and sonja. The wild Lucian saved Sonja. But Lucian broke the Law by taking off the collar to kept him in check and preventing him to become a lycan. The king of the vampire was so angry and feel betrayed by his favorite pet and he did'nt listen to his daughter that Lucian just saved her. Viktor locked Lucian.

When Lucian escapes, he kills some of the vampires and he liberate some of the lycans. The guards was so alert they start killing the lycans. Then Viktor discovered the relationship of his daugther with Lucian, he imprisons Sonja. When Lucian know about the imprisonment of Sonja he set out his self to rescue Sonja. On their way out they attacked by the vampires clan. And fight was start. When Sonja get close with Viktor he confront her father that she's pregrant by Lucian's child, Viktor can't accept it, Lucian and Sonja corner by the vampires and they imprisons both. Sonja was sentenced to death by his crime. after Sonja's death, Which Lucian witness it he attempts to escapes but he failed. He called the other lycans verbally and both wild werewolfs and the freed lycans came and other battles begun.

Finally Lucian and Viktor face in a fight til Viktor fell down into a well and Lucian tears a chains above and he tried to make a hole in the roof to corner Viktor in the sunlight. And Viktor regret at not having killed Lucian the moment he was born and Lucian forcing the sword into Viktor's mouth and let him the body fall into a water below. And Lucian declares his victory as only the beginning of what surely be a war between the races. Before the scenes close we saw that Viktor's was stil alive. We wait the next part of the underworld. hehehehe

-the end-


my AdvAnce vALentine

What we did, me and my partner are together. It's been four months that we did'nt saw each other. She came her for a two reasons. One is to see me and two she complied her requirements for her review in Physical Teraphist examination this coming July. So i accompany her and also we've celebrate our advance valentines day.

What we did first, we went to PRC to got a application form then we went to NBI, she renew her nbi clearance. After that we've much time together so. It's dating time. hehehehe We took lunch in her favorite restaurant here in davao then after we've watched movie in titled "underworld: rise of the lycans".

After having date we went to the grocery, she bought something for her mom then she go home to her place. Now were miles apart again. I miss those time that we've together everyday. But for now theres nothing we can do but to sacrifice, to understand each other to avoid mis understanding, to have trust to each other and have faith that time will come for us, and no one can apart us.


Monday, February 9, 2009

Lazy mOnday

Hello my dear blog,

It's a lazy monday for me because i've an headache due to sleepness at night. *sigh*
But there's nothing i can do but to get up and sit into my couch do blogging and after what i did i cradle song to make aimi sleep and do blogging again.

I'm tired of my daily routine dear blog. I want to seek a stable job or i want to seek something i never do before. Oh! my dear blog i've many dreams in life that i want to fulfill. What should i do right now? I just want my mom to make proud of me. *sigh*

But i'm not losing hope my dear blog. I know someday i will be successful. I've faith in God my dear blog that's inside in my heart. *that's the spirit!!!*


Sunday, February 8, 2009

This coming summer

At the end of the school year we're planning to spend our summer vacation to Hongkong. But my mom said it's not really sure we can spend summer there due of economy crises today. The business of my stepfather was affected of that crises.

There's nothing we can do with that but to understand the situation. I know that they prioritize our family dream house that hopefully will be finish this june or july. We are so excited to transfer in our new house.

If we can spend summer to Hongkong or not it's ok as long us we're family happy together this coming summer.


Sunday is family day......

This is my day.. weeeeh...
happy aimi...

After attending a holy mass we eat dinner then it's baby aimi's day. It's her time to ride the carousel, any rides she wants because for the whole week she just stay at home.

Every sunday it's a family bonding because no class, no work, no busy schedule. At house we're just playing, cuddling, we tickle aimi to make her laugh. After playing rest for awhile and go to the church.

For me, sunday a family day to us. And i'm so happy i've got a family that who's accept me and loving me. No words can describe how lucky i'am, I have them in my life.


Saturday, February 7, 2009

What is romance?

Hello guys.. I have a question, What is romance? Is romance just for opposite sex only? How about in third sex? Well as they say romance word always refers to love between a boy and girl. Love is a word that mean affection between a boy and a girl and also refer to many other relationships.

I would say that romance is a feeling of deep attachment and affection that goes beyond all known human bonds. You can only defined romance by experienced. One who never felt romantic will never understand what romantic really means. Am I right guys?

A person felt romantic is inspired, Everything is impossible. Some romantic lovers don't care for their life in love. One of my friend define romance as an emotion of the heart, and it gives a new outlook to life.

As i belong with third sex, i would say that i also experienced romance. And i do love my partner although where same sex. Some can't understand us, they discriminate us and asking why were like this? But in my part i understand them because i know, or we can't please everybody.

But just want to express although were like this, were stil humans. Wants to love and to be love by someone who can accept and understand us.


my second account

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